Planned gifts

What inspires your legacy?  Perhaps you or a family member is alive today because of a blood, platelet transfusion or organ transplant?  Through your volunteer dedication you have seen the impact financial contributions make in saving lives?  Or, you have been a blood or platelet donor for many years?  Whatever your answer may be, we thank you for your dedication and ask you to consider continuing your support through a Legacy for Life planned gift.

Please inform us of your plans by completing and returning this Charitable Bequest Intention Form.

See Your Guide to Estate Planning here!

Legacy for Life Gift Options:


Giving an outright gift of cash is the simplest way to make an impact.  If you itemize your taxes, you may qualify for a charitable deduction.  If the charitable deduction exceeds 50% of your adjusted gross income in any one year, you may carry the excess forward for up to five years.

If you wish to donate cash to the Blood Center Foundation, please:

 Mail your check to:

         Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest
         210 W. Cataldo Avenue
         Spokane, WA  99201


Charitable Bequests
Once the well-being of your family and friends is secured, naming the Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest in your will or living trust is one of the simplest and most popular ways to continue your legacy.  A charitable bequest may be a specified dollar amount, percentage of your estate, or what remains after other bequests to loved ones have been fulfilled.  It just takes a few simple sentences in your will to detail your charitable donation. Sample language example:

 "I give, devise, and bequeath $_____ (or _____%) to the Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest, Tax ID # 46-4347438.  The Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest may be contacted in care of 210 W. Cataldo Avenue, Spokane, WA  99201."     
(*This is merely a suggestion as to content and should be written or adapted by legal counsel to fit your individual situation.)

Gifts of Stock and Securities

Gifts of appreciated stock or mutual funds are another great way to support the mission of the Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest.  By transferring publicly listed securities, bonds, mutual fund units or other similar securities, you will receive an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of securities you have owned and capital gains tax is avoided.
To transfer securities to the Blood Center Foundation, please contact Executive Director Tricia Cheevers at (509) 995-7603  or by email.  

Gifts of Real Estate

By donating real estate or personal property to the Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest, you may help continue the mission of our foundation while benefiting from a tax deduction for the fair market value of the property to avoid paying capital gains tax.  

Contact us to receive a copy of our Real Estate Acceptance Checklist.   

Gifts of Life Insurance/Retirement Plan/IRA

By designating the Blood Center Foundation as a full or partial beneficiary of your life insurance policy, retirement plan or IRA, you may eliminate income tax on distributions to your loved ones after your lifetime. Simply contact your financial advisor to complete and sign a beneficiary designation form.

The information provided above is not intended to be legal or tax advice. We recommend that you contact a qualified attorney or financial advisor to ensure your wishes for family and our organization are properly documented.