About us

Raising funds and making investments in the Inland Northwest Blood Center (INBC) and regional community is our focus.  We extend INBC's blood banking reach in north Idaho and eastern Washington through grants for education, technology and research.  We invite people and organizations with passion and resources to join us!.

INBC has been a cornerstone in eastern Washington and north Idaho healthcare since 1945 when it was originally established as the Spokane Community Blood Bank.  Since then, INBC has grown to serve a population of nearly one million people and more than 35 hospitals and medical facilities.  Thanks to 70 years of prudent financial management, INBC created an endowment in support of our mission’s future and as a result, the Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest was established in November, 2013.

Mission Statement

The Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest raises funds and invests in health care education, technology and research grants in support of your regional community and Inland Northwest Blood Center.